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Average Review Score: 8.1/10

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NBA Live 10 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Digital Chumps 7.6/10 Oct 14 '09
Neoseeker 8.5 / 10 Oct 31 '09
1UP B Oct 07 '09
Games Radar 8/10 Oct 12 '09
GameSpot 7.5/10 Oct 06 '09
GameZone 8.5/10 Oct 06 '09
IGN 360 8.2/10 Oct 02 '09
Team Xbox 8.8/10 Oct 06 '09
Wonderwall 8.5/10 Oct 19 '09
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NBA Live 10 Previews

website publish date article rating
IGN 360 Sep 25 '09
Team Xbox Aug 21 '09
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Quoted from NBA Live 10 Reviews:
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"(NBA Live 10's Dynamic DNA and Dynamic Season were not available for review, since those features don't kick in until the season begins. Likewise, not enough players were online during the review period to properly evaluate the Adidas Live Run mode -- Ed.) I appreciate the challenge that developers of sports sims face. They're tasked with providing something new for their games each year; otherwise, gamers would howl at paying a premium price for just another roster update. Enter NBA Live 10. It sports some new features -- Dynamic Season, which takes last year's Dynamic DNA a step further and creates a season that evolves alongside the upcoming NBA campaign; Adidas Live Run, which allows you to pick an NBA player and run with four others in games of pick-up 5-on-5; and a playoff mode that lets you set up your own NBA postseason tournament (this was one of my favorite aspects; I enjoyed the "bottom-bracket" finals that I set up featuring teams like the Los Angeles Clippers and the Memphis Grizzlies)."
"Being a game that has received a less than enthusiastic reception in recent years, EA Sports’ NBA Live has more room for improvement than most of the company’s other sporting franchises. While it might not have the most solid gameplay foundations to build on, there probably won’t be too many people desperately upset if EA were to tear it all down and start from scratch. ..."
"Dynamic DNA seasons are a great addition to the franchise, but NBA Live is not quite a championship contender. "
"EA returns to the court with this solid game of hoops."
"Facing tough competition as always, EA has taken to the court to improve Live 10 to the fullest. With so many fans divided on what to get this year, we will dive in and see if NBA Live 10 has what it takes."