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NBA Jam Reviews

website score publish date article quality
1UP B Nov 19 '10
Computer and Video Games 8.6/10 Nov 26 '10
Computer and Video Games 8.6/10 Nov 26 '10
Games Radar 9/10 Nov 23 '10
GameSpot 7.0/10 Nov 17 '10
IGN 360 7.5/10 Nov 17 '10
Worthplaying 7.8/10 Dec 11 '10
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NBA Jam Previews

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GameSpot Nov 05 '10
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Quoted from NBA Jam Reviews:
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"Let's make one thing clear: NBA Jam owes me. NBA Jam owes me big. See, I failed college calculus as a direct result of playing NBA Jam (my professor, Ms. Oka, might instead cite things like laziness and stupidity as the key factors, but we both know the truth). When I should have been in class learning limits and derivatives, you'd instead find me at the bowling alley, huddled around an arcade cabinet with a trio of like-minded slackers -- Jam was always the one game even my non-gaming friends would pay to play. The series was long overdue for a reboot, having ceded some of its arcade-hoops cachet to games like NBA Street and NBA Ballers. So long-time fans like me naturally rejoiced at the announcement that NBA Jam was finally making its return -- then we immediately scratched our heads at the news that it was a Wii exclusive with motion controls and no online component."
"The fire still burns"
"The fire still burns"
" As sports games have evolved in the HD era, many gains have been offset by a loss of soul. While this current generation has ushered in an era of gorgeous graphics, super-deep franchise modes, and expansive online options, the public at large now struggles with hyper-complicated controls and a steep learning curve. NBA Jam is the perfect solution to this problem – a simple yet deep and stylish game that will appeal to everyone... ..."
"We go hands-on with the HD versions of EA's old-school arcade classic. "