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Naval Assault: The Killing Tide follows a dramatic storyline of subterfuge inspired by the events of WWII where you command a fully armed submarine.

Engage in sea warfare against enemy ships, subs and aircrafts, leading a daring US Naval Special Ops team across 30 levels that culminate in a spectacular sea battle!

Game Play


Vertical Axis of combat: navigate the depths of the ocean and use your torpedoes to annihilate enemy warcraft and supply ships or break the surface to destroy enemy ships and planes with your powerful deck guns

Varied and exciting action gameplay: dodge mines, sneak past enemy ships, use sonar, intercept transmissions, and engage in dramatic combat

Competitive online play: players battle each other for control of various radio transmitter markers placed on the map

Deadly vessels: command various classic, realistic WWII submarines with different strengths and take out enemy vessels from tankers to destroyers whilst fending off the hordes of enemy planes!

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