N3: Ninety-Nine Nights is an action fantasy game developed by Q Entertainment. Players are able to control a number of characters such as Inphyy, a female warrior with wings. You'll be able to take your character on a journey, on the way killing hundreds of enemies.


With hundreds of enemies at on screen at any one time, N3 players were always going to need plenty of methods of destruction at their disposal, and they certainly do. Though the majority of the action is hack-and-slash based, players also get the oppurtunity to use stunning magical powers. The game also has a strategy element; a stripped down squad based system that allows you to move your troops around to the best possible positions.


  • Epic-scale combat and unmatched A.I.: Ninety-Nine Nights features combat on a level previously unimaginable, using the sophisticated hardware and technology of Xbox 360. With hundreds of combatants on screen at once, players must wield their armies with precision and skill against ever-evolving virtual opponents. Each virtual character on screen is a threat, as opponents react and attack of their own volition, testing the skills and fortitude of even the best gamers.
  • Massive arsenal of weapons, magic, and spells: Players enjoy a full complement of more than 100 different weapons and fighting styles, in addition to a vast number of magic skills and spells. Each playable character features their own strengths and weaknesses, as players must choose the right combination of magic and might to overcome adversaries.
  • Rich story and unparalleled depth: Multiple playable characters are available, each with their own dedicated plot line that ultimately intertwines with that of the larger story. Players are immersed in a rich fantasy world, as scores of unique characters contribute to the overall story that guides this epic tale.

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You like Dynasty Warriors 2-6? Do you? Huh? Well, if you don't, then get out of here,...

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