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Four friends get together for a party while the parents are away, but somebody... Or something, is about to crash the party. In four-player melee action, you will fight off the monster invasion in this top-down action/shooting game. Customize and build your own weapons by grabbing parts from the house and town to create more powerful attack tools, and find rare parts to build some ultimate weapons. Jack abandoned vehicles and deck them out with weapons to ride through the terrain and take out creatures. Visit five locations, including the suburban town, the high school, and the "Shopping Maul." The use of the Ageia NovodeX Physics platform allows you to interact with the environments physics to give yourself an advantage, such as creating barrides or throwing large objects, while the visual system uses the advanced Unreal 3 Engine.


  • Play modes: Choose from one to four-player co-op and four-player death match scenarios, or even a sixteen-player online competitive mode.
  • Monsters and weapons: Look for over 40 unique monsters and lots of weaponry. Upgrade your home-made weapons using scavenged parts to give yourself an edge over your enemies.
  • Level design: The intense top-down 3-D shooting combat is quite unique, with five unique environments and six gigantic levels. There are multiple ways to get through a level.
  • Game environments: Use the environment. The completely destructible environment and architecture with devious physical traps can be manipulated to your advantage.
  • Play style: The comic book-style full-motion video sequences tell the playful story of Monster madness: Battle for Suburbia, a parody of horror and science fiction clichés.
  • Transformation: Collect power-ups to unleash the beast within! Transform your character into a werewolf, zombie, mummy, or vampire to temporarily gain special powers.
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