Keiji Inafune returns, post-Capcom to Kickstart a spiritual successor his most beloved robot son. Might No. 9 will follow in Mega Man's footsteps, offering a 2D action-platformer featuring all of the mechanics that build the Blue Bomber into what he is today. Developed by Comcept, Inafune's new indie studio, Mighty No. 9 will either prove that there's still an audience in this day and age which craves the fine-tuned, precise action of Mega Man, or show that Capcom may have been right to put him out to pasture.

Game Play

Move left or right, hop and shoot and that's the core gameplay of Mighty No. 9. As with Mega Man titles, the player will be able to defeat bosses and absorb their abilities, which can then be turned on additional foes who may potentially be weak to said abilities. Other upgrades can be found hidden among each stage, powering up our hero with each item found.

Mighty No. 9 also a features new mechanics which allow protagonist Beck to absorb the energy of small, standard enemies by finishing them off with a short-range charge attack.

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