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Consistently the most innovative, highest-rated street racing franchise, Midnight Club set the standard of what an open-world racing game can be. Midnight Club: Los Angeles will deliver a truly immersive next-generation racing experience that is second to none.

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Adaryii and 527 others own Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Dec 23, 13 5:39pm
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Konstruct and 4 others played Midnight Club: Los Angeles

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nasty nappa
Aug 02, 11 2:17am
styled after classic arcade machine car games MidnightClubLosAngeles X360
i am a person
Feb 21, 11 5:25pm
actually complete edition MidnightClubLosAngeles X360
i am a person
Jan 16, 11 6:15pm
actually la remix, but i could only find it for psp. kinda weird. MidnightClubLosAngeles X360
Oct 14, 10 5:52am
Very good game. many customization options, it doesn't make you do hard races all that much, though you can if you want, not to mention... MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3
Apr 22, 10 4:47am
the best modifiying cars illgeal street racing game i own an have played to date MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3
Mar 05, 10 8:47pm
nothings better than driving in the beautiful city of L.A. in 150+ MPH. MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3

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Nov 12, 09 6:50am
done all missions and in process of colleting all the logo barrels MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3
Jul 22, 09 8:12am
real good game for racers but you do get silly pepole online who just want 2 knock u off your bike so there friends can win MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3
Jul 12, 09 11:29am
I wish for midnight club 5 MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3
Apr 29, 09 12:21am
totally amense game MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3
Joe McG
Apr 18, 09 9:49pm
hard, very hard. only game apart from fifa where ive thrown my controller MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3
Apr 02, 09 8:02pm
good online MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3
Feb 11, 09 9:59pm
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May 08, 08 7:15pm
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Sep 27, 07 10:19am
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