The Blue Bomber returns once again trying to find the parts of a vaccine that will cure the disease Robotenza, a virus for robots that will make the infected ones overheat and go out of control. Proto Man and a currently unknown third character join the fray with Mega Man to get the vaccine.

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A surprise retail listing popped up for a something named Capcom Essentials for the PlayStation... posted Jul 30, 13 8:25am

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I can't believe there are no platinum trophies for this. The gold isn't even worth it unless you are a megaman prodigy. MegaMan10 X360

[image1 width=300 height=252 float=right] If you own Mega Man 10 for the Wii, then you probably already got... posted Apr 28, 10 7:14pm

Yes, kiddies, Mega Man 10 is now on PSN for your downloading plreasure. If you've got 10 bucks to spare,... posted Mar 11, 10 7:59pm

Rejoice, for Capcom has confirmed Bass for Mega Man 10.  You guys remember Bass, right?  The Mega Man copycat... posted Mar 04, 10 2:11am

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Mega Man 10 is nearing its debut and you know what that means: the blue bomber's arsenal of weaponry has expanded... posted Feb 12, 10 7:31am

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[image1 link=yes width=268 height=260] He just wants to cuddle. After quite a wait, today we've got a... posted Jan 15, 10 10:37pm

Old is truly the new new, as Capcom is clearly stating with the new Mega Man 10.  It's a new game for sure, but... posted Dec 17, 09 11:17pm

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