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he just wants to cuddle the ol' crook eye more crack eyes crack eyes Noooooooo Take that, Fox News. :P Made a wallpaper out of the menu. :) Alliance Ship meets its end Saren running up the citadel amazing prothean ruins on Feros Prothean cryo chambers in the Archives Ice World of Klensal Geth Armature Flux nightlub in the Citadel Matriarch Benezia Lift biotic skill ftw! Volus Nihlus - Turian Spectre Liara T'Soni trapped in Prothean field Executor Pallin - commander of C-Sec Liara T'Soni Asari Consort Asari Consort STG Captain or Commander inside citadel a look up at citadel tower Eden Prime at war Normandy navigation starchart