Celes Leonhart's Mafia II Review

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Solid Snake 4Life Jul 31, 11
Good review. I've been thinking about picking this one up for a while now and you've persuaded me to. I don't mind only having the illusion of freedom, as long as the experience is solid the entire way.
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Celes Leonhart Jul 31, 11
Hey! Really appreciate the comment; thanks a lot! I have to be fair, some people I know explicitly disliked the game, though I'm not sure why, so there's probably a perspective that I'm just not open to. I hope you enjoy it, I loved it and just ordered the edition that comes with the additional DLC because I just had such a good time. Don't blame me if you don't though haha, different strokes different folks and all that . It's one of my favourite experiences this year, but I'm a bit late. Thanks again!