Limbo is a side-scrolling platformer with a monochromatic color palette that relies on contrast and other visual effects for its artistic direction. The player becomes a young boy who must overcome 2D levels by discovering the solutions to the puzzle-like layouts through what the developer calls "trial and death."

Indeed, the player will likely witness the gory death of the main character multiple times per playthrough while trying to discover the solutions to progress through levels.

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It's rather stunning to think that Limbo was released a full three years ago, considering just how outstanding of... posted Jun 26, 13 9:25am

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PlayDead has said its follow up to indie hit Limbo, Project 2, won't launch for at least another two... posted Jul 30, 12 4:57am

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a creative platformer played completely in black and white. Very fun and hard at the same time Limbo PC

Sony has said they lost the chance to have Limbo released exclusively on the PlayStation Network due to wanting... posted Jul 17, 12 7:58am

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Today, we're not dealing with your average Xbox arcade game. Nor are we dealing with a...

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LIMBO is a game that is both very familiar, and almost completely alien upon picking...

Last week we confirmed platformer LIMBO was indeed coming to PlayStation Network and Steam; today the dates are... posted Jul 08, 11 10:55am

Recent rumors surrounding Playdead's creepy platformer LIMBO suggested upcoming ports, which we can now confirm:... posted Jun 30, 11 11:02am

The folks behind your favorite games themselves are preparing to decide which games were their favorites at the... posted Jan 12, 11 7:59pm

Keane Ingram
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Beautiful game! Limbo PC
Keane Ingram
Jan 10, 11 1:10pm
Beautiful game! Limbo PC
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Indie companies have their work cut out for them, a sad truth that applies to just about every industry.  Yet... posted Aug 21, 10 3:09am

Every week, Major Nelson puts out a chart documenting Xbox LIVE player activity.  Week after week, they're more... posted Aug 05, 10 9:03pm

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