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Lego Batman 2 is the sequel to Traveller's Tales' action adventure game based on the Lego Batman toy line up. As the subtitle suggests, Lego Batman 2 includes DC Comics characters from outside the Batman comic book series for an original and humorous crossover story.

Gameplay revolves around choosing from over 50 DC characters (many which need to be unlocked) and completing Lego Batman 2's open world levels which typically involve action adventure platforming. A second play can join in split-screen co-op multiplayer. Each Lego character has their own abilities and weapons, which will often be needed to help reach certain areas and collect out of the way items.

Players can collect studs located throughout all levels to unlock new characters and Lego building sets; like in most Lego games, collecting is a major design focus.


  • Lego Batman 2 is the first licensed Lego video game from Traveller's Tales to feature voiced dialog between the Lego characters; previous Lego titles had the voice actors speaking in gibberish and other humorous sound effects.
  • The game features music compositions from both the 1979 Superman and 1989 Batman motion pictures.
  • Warner Premiere's direct-to-video animated feature Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite was based on Lego Batman 2

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