Based on the DreamWorks Animation high-octane martial arts movie Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Panda takes you on an action-packed adventure through the movie and beyond. Battle against Tai Lung and his minions, navigate awesome environments and overcome dangerous obstacles on your quest to become the legendary Dragon Warrior.


  • Experience Kung Fu Awesomeness in This Unique Action/Adventure: Defeat formidable bosses like Tai Lung and enemies like the Great Gorilla as you venture across treacherous terrain to fulfill your destiny as the Dragon Warrior.
  • Play as All Your Favourite Characters: Perfect your kung fu skills as you play Po, Shifu and the Furious Five, each with specialized fighting styles. Use Po’s funny, yet powerful Panda Style, as well as the masterful skills of the Furious Five to combat foes.
  • Adventures through 13 Legendary Levels: Spanning Land, Water and Air from the Movie and Beyond – Visit epic movie locations, like the opulent Jade Palace, the challenging Training Dojo and the majestic Wudang Mountains, plus never before seen places, such as the mystical Lake of Tears and the unforgiving Training Ground of Tai Lung.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Play with your friends to defeat hordes of enemies, or challenge them to head to head combat in multiple battle arenas. Have the chance to play your favourite characters from story mode, like Po and Tigress, as well as some of the enemies, like the diabolical Tai Lung, the ferocious Ox and the baddest ninja cats around, the Wu Sisters.

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Kung Fu panda, its a game where you pretty much play as Po, The main character, and...

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This movie makes me laugh so much!!! KungFuPanda
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it came with my xbox. don't judge me!, lol. KungFuPanda
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Easy KungFuPanda
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the game would have been nicer if u use the X,Y,A,B buttons to attack KungFuPanda
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Anime KungFuPanda
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it was boring, like all movie games KungFuPanda
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4/5 KungFuPanda
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Veryyy Funnyyy KungFuPanda
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Luxoflux
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Released
    North AmericaJun 3, 2008
    EuropeJun 27, 2008
    AustraliaJun 25, 2008
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