Join Wordsworth the Owl on his mission to solve "KrissX"-ed word puzzles, for the first time on XBLA! Switch around letters to complete mind boggling terms and use helpful hints to achieve reward badges and high scores. Venture through 150 colorful stages, time yourself, or play at your leisure for hours on end. Uncover thousands of different word puzzles and test your skills in quick thinking, trivia, and knowledge!


  • Solve an Endless Number of Puzzles - Unscramble over 3,500 jumbled words that will test your trivia knowledge and expand your own daily vocabulary
  • Travel Through 150 Different Stages - Complete a variety of levels with imaginative backgrounds and colorful graphics
  • Pick From a Variety of Game Modes - Play through Quests, unlock Time Attack games, enjoy Timeless play or discover Secret Puzzles for endless replayability
  • Collect Bonuses and Discover Secret Puzzles - Unlock additional Game Modes and achieve badges as you work your way to the top.

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