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Avatar takes place on a far away moon called Pandora some time in the 22nd century. The planet resembles Earth’s rain forests, covered in lush plant life and towering trees that stretch more than 4,000 feet above the ground. The larger-than-life atmosphere caries over to the creatures that inhabit this world. The dominant creatures on Pandora are the Navids, which look terrifyingly fierce but are actually quite docile. They are 10 feet tall, have blue skin, and resemble felines, and though they are peaceful, they will fight when provoked. However, humans cannot live on Pandora, so they create Navid/human hybrids that are known as avatars. These are real human beings that live, breathe, and otherwise interact with the world, but they are controlled by a human driver. And when the two species meet, conflict arises.

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A great looking game, but the single player campaign is extremely repetitive. Avatar
I wanna be a Navi! T_T Avatar
great movie but still could make it longer Avatar

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Insanely hard, I can't do it. Avatar
Really fun to watch in 3D Avatar

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3 hours of nonstop action Avatar

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