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Iron Man Reviews

website score publish date
Actiontrip 3.4/10 May 14 '08
EuroGamer 3/10 May 06 '08
Fragland 46% Jun 18 '08
Game Revolution D May 21 '08
Game Watcher 4.8/10 May 09 '08
GameDaily 4/10 May 04 '08
Hooked Gamers 4/10 May 19 '08
IGN 3.8/10 May 05 '08 3.0/10 May 10 '08
MS Xbox World 6/10 May 05 '08 60% May 10 '08
GamePro 2.25/5 May 06 '08
GameSpot 5.5/10 May 08 '08
IGN 360 3.8/10 May 05 '08
Team Xbox 7.0/10 May 05 '08
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Actiontrip on May 25 '08

"Much to our discontent, Iron Man joins the long list of crappy movie tie-ins, sinking lower than Treyarch's Spider-Man 3 and even lower than Shiny's Enter the Matrix. Again, I haven't seen the..."

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Game Revolution on May 25 '08

"It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the movie, comics, or action games in general. Iron Man has little to offer but the pain of aneurysm-inducing frustration and disgust for the greedy underbelly..."

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Game Watcher on May 30 '08

"If you're a fan of the film, don't buy this game. If you like movie tie-ins in general, you'll end up very disappointed by this one."

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GameSpot on May 09 '08

"Iron Man's high-flying new adventure is hindered by erratic difficulty and repetitive level design."

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IGN on May 06 '08

"The process continued, but suddenly Jarvis broke in to tell me reinforcements were being deployed. Then, Jarvis let me know one of the couplings had been repaired. Then, I screamed curse words and..."

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