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  • Hot cars: 30 cars authentically modeled directly from Hot Wheels® design specs put 1:64 scale cars in a high octane, oversized environment.
  • Hot tracks: 12 pulse-pounding tracks and 4 battle arenas include racing around corkscrews, loops, through chokepoints, and finding hidden routes.
  • Wild stunts: This is physics-based racing with visible vehicle damage and amazing wipeouts. Perform amazing stunt action with high-flying jumps and high-speed drifting, with a reward structure for complex maneuvers.
  • Race modes: 5 competitive racing modes include Race, Eliminator, Rampage, Tournament, and Battle. Go head-to-head in multiplayer for intense racing action.
  • Upgradeable cars: Collect powerup weapons including ice guns, bottle rockets, Tesla rays, and smokescreens. Supercharge your weapons and take on all comers.
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