The Covenant is on the brink of destroying humanity's biggest military installation, planet Reach. Take your place and fight on the ground as Noble 6 to stop the covenant from destroying the only thing in its way to humanity's last safe haven

Game Play

Fight against the covenant army on ground and in the air as the Lone Wolf, Noble 6. Select from a variety of different and effective weapons and armor abilities that can make each and every encounter different from the last time you played. Use a variety of new vehicles as well as old favorites from games past to aid you in combat against the alien menace.
Make your character yours. Create your character from armor style right down to the gender which will influence in game cutscenes and dialog.


Campaign (online and offline co-op)
Customizable Firefight (solo and co-op offline and online)
Online Multiplayer
Custom games
and co-operative play

Hardware Info

Available exclusivly on Xbox 360

Official URL

Official Site (NA)
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Halo Reach takes you back to the very beginning of the Covenant/Human struggle. The...

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