Halo 3: ODST is a first-person shooter that covers the events leading to Halo 3. Instead of the Master Chief, players take control of a rookie Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) caught in the chaos of New Mombasa following the aftermath of a massive shockwave caused by the retreat of an invading Covenant ship.

The campaign mode which covers the story can be enjoyed in singleplayer or multiplayer co-op with up to three other players. Campaign missions are branching and can be played in any order once the appropriate objectives are reached.

Halo 3: ODST's multiplayer modes meanwhile are accessed from a separate disc, featuring 21 maps from Halo 3 and 3 new maps. A new cooperative multiplayer mode called Firefight pits up to four players against waves of enemies in timed survival matches where new abilities and handicaps are introduced after a set number of rounds.

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Dreadlock Holiday
Apr 26, 13 1:11pm

Continuing the events of Halo 2, Halo ODST will bring you back to the streets of New...

Nov 08, 12 11:15am
Can't believe Romeo survived that Gravity Hammer blow! He's one tough ODST! Halo3ODST X360

Bungie has a significant following that has boomed over 20 years, and with the studio leaving Halo behind in... posted Aug 04, 11 2:49pm

Apr 24, 11 7:18pm
Finished the game... it's too short Halo3ODST X360
Dec 28, 10 9:32pm
Started the game, some interesting changes that make the game more intense! Halo3ODST X360
Dec 27, 10 1:59am
Picked this up for $20 on Boxing Day 2010 (it's a tradition for me to get Halo titles on Boxing day, it's how I got Halo 2 and 3). Halo3ODST X360
Sep 23, 10 8:17am
Not the best Halo, but still a good game. Halo3ODST X360
Sep 01, 10 5:18pm
one of the most fail games of all time Halo3ODST X360
Emaster MK blogged
Aug 18, 10 11:55am

The Halo series is one of the best series franchise that was ever created, and it is one of the most hyped title. The series started with Halo: Combat Evolved and the latest is Halo Reach, no wonder why this series has this much of popularity, it all started from the very first killer app. The series has an overall natural feeling of epicness for the fans, the answer to the question is the fan. Without the existence of the loyal Halo fan, it wouldn't be that popular.

The game has a story that grabs the reader or the viewer more into it, and gives him lots of questions and answers as well, it is very interesting and complicated. The range at which the story takes place is huge and epic, starting with the ancient Forerunners wars with the Floods and through Human Civil conflicts to Covenant war and Flood domination into peace. This huge plot with tiny little stories, tons of it in each phase, the saga of the elites and the Arbiter. The origins of john-117, and the saga of the Halos. It is just incredible how the fictional universe of Halo was created and developed, it is just so true we can feel it as an alternative dimension. The amount of characters and each's origin and role in the universe, the large amount of technologies and information about everything makes it a huge series.

The Master Chief, John-117, probably the main reason of Halo's popularity. The character of the chief is so plain and simple, with no expression at all since his face is covered the whole time, but though the chief's character is far more complex and complicated by the fans. The fact that his face was never shown, and the assumption of his face being the helmet's glass sometimes, it is the mystery behind that green helmet. Master chief is one of the most popular character within a game's fan, you can tell he is higher in popularity and hype than Chuck Norris in the internet culture. Yes, indeed, it is the internet which also helped to rise this game's popularity.

When the release date for Halo 3 was announced, tons of advertisement were thrown all over the world. You can tell that each person on earth knew about Halo or the Master Chief, he was everywhere. On the streets, on subways, over the internet, TV and even soft drinks. It has stick itself to the culture, this Halo series. And with the end of the series, Reach being the last, the life of this series is still unkown. But predictions were made, and it was guaranteed that the Halo era would last for another 30 years.

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Aug 15, 10 11:31am
I Love How It Differs From Halo 3. Played Multiplayer The Whole Way Through And Had A Grate Time. Halo3ODST X360
Jul 28, 10 3:25am
Better than halo 3. Halo3ODST X360
Jul 07, 10 1:08pm
Just as good as halo 3 but the multypler is not good. Halo3ODST X360
Jun 19, 10 7:19pm
added a cheat
Jun 16, 10 4:36am
Better than Halo 3 but not as good as Halo 2 Halo3ODST X360
Jun 08, 10 10:30am
shouldn't even be considered part of the halo series. Halo3ODST X360
May 29, 10 4:59am
I want it but first I need an XBOX 360... Halo3ODST X360
May 05, 10 4:54pm
sucks ball sacks but aight firefight Halo3ODST X360
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