Halo 3 Own / Want List

Username Comments
ProtossZealot None
Draracos None
Romanaxle None
Jak66 Worth The Wait In Line!
Gravity None
Lehvak80 None
brainiac256 None
xpronic None
DarkMercenary None
Suprmn None
Sgt Tooth None
xtremepokemontrainer None
azurice None
Captain Charisma None
Caladbolg None
rocker2 None
Zero x201 None
Capoland None
Sgt Frog None
traskel None
jbh None
SoaH15 None
Fleabrain Can't Wait
xionux None
tycj10 None
Redalert501 Give it to me or DIE! Pwitty pwitty pweez? ( /o_o\\ )
The Link Master I want Halo!
PhrozenX None
Fable_Assassin None
the most unknown None
DarkHound got it still havent beaten it yet
Inferno07 None
AzraelPC None
silverhikari None
Cryme Tyme07 Game Over
ConkerASkyJockey None
riku24 I cant wait until it comes out
Invincibledude oct,3 2007
ImortalHuman None
lucky 7 None
HBK240 None
xXSocomNavySealXx None
Sapphire Dragon None
Vatos Locos None
Life Achiever None
hollowedsol Again XD
lyokoknight None
Spyro_the_Dragon Give me Halo for the Wii or I'll kill you, you bastard.
ghero1014 None
Kyemate2008 cant get much harder than these