The Gunstar Dynasty had been the protector of the planet Gunstar 9 (G-9) for generations. In his youth, Dr. Brown defeated Golden Silver, a destructive menace to the world in the form of an android that had travelled many light years to drain the resources and life of G-9. In doing so, Dr. Brown extracted the four Mystical Gems, a source of power for the robot, and scattered them to various locations after imprisoning the harbringer on one of the moons of G-9.

Years later, Smash Daisaku, a vicious dictator rises and claims power, taking the Gunstar's oldest brother, Green hostage and enginerring mind manipulation to cause him to obey. With Green's help, Smash Daisaku was able to extract all four Mystical Gems from their hidden locations and has turned G-9's peaceful worker droids into a formidable army.

Prepaing to ressurect Golden Silver, the only people that can stop Smash Daisaku and Green are the brothers known as the Gunstar Heroes.
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Years in the waiting, Gunstar Heroes finally made it's debut on the Xbox 360 LIVE...

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