Guitar Hero: Metallica is next installment in the franchise and will be the first Guitar Hero game to feature songs from the heavy-metal band Metallica.
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Nov 01, 12 2:47pm
can i get achievements as i use cheats GuitarHeroMetallica X360
Sep 27, 10 3:03am
the bast band music game available 9/10 GuitarHeroMetallica PS3

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock already has a huge setlist ready to go on the disc but how about adding another... posted Sep 14, 10 8:01pm

Jun 16, 10 4:42am
Don't play expert if your a noob GuitarHeroMetallica PS3
Feb 10, 10 6:26am
5/5 GuitarHeroMetallica PS3
Jan 20, 10 5:24pm
My Favourite Band! GuitarHeroMetallica PS3
Nov 01, 09 12:49am
added a cheat
Aug 15, 09 8:46pm
added a cheat
Jul 27, 09 4:23am
added a cheat
Jun 17, 09 2:00am

I purchased this game myself around two weeks back and every time I've switched it on,...

If the amount of assets being released is any indication, Activision is pretty excited about Guitar Hero Metallica,... posted Mar 31, 09 6:37pm

Mar 30, 09 12:46am

Allow me to start this off by saying that this has one of the coolest openings ever....

Mar 29, 09 7:15pm
Great great game that I can't get enough of. I love Metallica. GuitarHeroMetallica PS3

With Guitar Hero Metallica on the horizon, we've been getting everything from screenshots to mini video... posted Mar 25, 09 9:31pm

Metallica has quite the following, and Activision is taking full advantage of their robust fan base. In... posted Mar 24, 09 6:41pm

Itching to get a taste of Guitar Hero Metallica?  The upcoming Guitar Hero title must have turned more than a few... posted Mar 20, 09 5:19pm

Mar 16, 09 9:06pm
added 7 new screenshots

Metal fans are probably on the verge of wetting their pants waiting for Guitar Hero Metallica. Expect this game... posted Mar 16, 09 8:47pm

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