Grand Theft Auto IV Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.7/10

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Grand Theft Auto IV Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Defunct Games 100% May 19 '08
Destructoid 8/10 May 29 '08
Fragland 92% May 04 '08 9.6/10 May 25 '08
GameZone 10/10 May 06 '08 9/10 May 23 '08
Thunderbolt 10/10 May 10 '08
Xbox Exclusive 10/10 May 12 '08
EuroGamer 10/10 Apr 27 '08
GamePro 5.0/5 May 06 '08
GameSpot 10/10 Apr 28 '08
Gamespy 5/5 Apr 27 '08
IGN 360 10/10 Apr 25 '08
Team Xbox 10.0/10 Apr 27 '08
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Grand Theft Auto IV Previews

website publish date article rating
1UP Apr 15 '08
EuroGamer Apr 15 '08
EuroGamer Nov 20 '07
IGN 360 UK Jan 23 '08
GameSpot Jan 23 '08
IGN 360 Jan 23 '08
Team Xbox Jul 25 '07
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Defunct Games on

"I don't think it's too much to say that this is the game that Rockstar Games will be remembered for years from now. It's a massive game full of great locations, a fantastic story, a ton of online..."

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EuroGamer on

"...GTA IV is the 10/10 you were expecting. Almost everything you do in Liberty City would be good enough to drive its own game, and the best parts would be good enough to outrun the competition,..."

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Fragland on

"Although we see some specific elements of previous versions disappear, Rockstar managed to bring a strong storyline, filled with a ton of humour and caricatures and a handful of new and improved..."

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"Grand Theft Auto IV is one title that won�t be forgotten in the next few years."

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GameSpot on

"As far as the visuals go, it should go without saying that the game is looking pretty slick on the Xbox 360, with the environments continuing to gain a sexy layer of polish. It looks like the..."

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