Gears of War 2 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.1/10

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Gears of War 2 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
GameDaily 9/10 Nov 03 '08
GameLemon 9.5/10 Dec 06 '08
GameZone 9.6/10 Nov 12 '08
Gaming Evolution 9/10 Jan 04 '09 9/10 Mar 15 '09 8/10 Jan 30 '09 9/10 Nov 21 '08
Thunderbolt 10/10 Nov 12 '08
1UP A Nov 03 '08
Computer and Video Games 9.3/10 Nov 03 '08
Computer and Video Games 7.0/10 Jul 22 '09
Destructoid 9/10 Nov 10 '08
Gamespy 5/5 Nov 03 '08
IGN 360 9.5/10 Nov 03 '08
Team Xbox 9.8/10 Nov 03 '08
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Gears of War 2 Previews

website publish date article rating
AceGamez Jun 30 '08
Actiontrip May 23 '08
GameDaily May 19 '08
GameSpot Jul 07 '08
GameZone Jul 23 '08 Oct 10 '08
The Armchair Empire Jul 02 '08
EuroGamer Jul 27 '09
Team Xbox May 13 '08
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Editorial Articles
website publish date notes article rating
Cinema Blend Nov 09 '08  
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Quoted from Gears of War 2 Reviews:
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"Gears' gameplay isn't mindless warfare -- it's intensely focused, visceral fun. The cover system, despite its returning flaws, is still addictive. Likewise, hunkering down in the game's Roadie Run -- during which the camera pulls down close to your character as he ducks and runs -- again feels limited, as it's not conducive to either keeping an eye (and the camera) ahead of you or making tight turns. For such a stunning game, these held-over missteps seem odd, but they have little impact on Gears 2's impressive level of polish across the board. A nice, thick coat of blood red polish at that."
"Review: Gears of War grows up"
"It is among the hottest properties in gaming, and one of Xbox Live's most popular titles. The original Gears of War was a worldwide success, even breaking barriers in Japan. It has garnered award..."
"The gutting with the lancers, the curb stomping, the bleeding out - it's all beautifully displayed to the highest level of gross. Just the way it should be. For any parents reading this - that is just one of the reasons you shouldn't even think about getting this for the kids."
"Epic has some smart ideas that it's toying around with, and we definitely like where the multiplayer is going."