Gears of War Own / Want List

Username Comments
lieutenant88pl None
EliteRacing343 None
Sharditall None
DwaynePheonix None
Master of the VG Collectors Edition
Spectre None
Gotenks None
Andy None
Da Ork None
kobora14 None
2sexy4u69 No sale
Kiki John None
HBK619 None
josh5678 None
KurtisTrent None
Mystic None
Redemption Finished twice in co-op mode.
EricF None
Solid Shadow Gears Limited Collectors Edition
bluehell None
Incidnia None
DJ None
greenleech133 None
Cuzit Awesome game.
MattchuLB The first really great 360 title. Been through it over 50 times.
Capitan Gringo Completed
Holy Cloud None
palace6543339 None
Hooded Weirdo Great, untill the patch....
riku24 The best game i ever played i will kill for it
Maxwell Atoms None
Mepisto22 None
Lolopop You Cant have this... not from me...
Big Willie None
balmung the skydemon None
Jak66 Grueling and Amazingly Awesome!
Storm None
Sereph None
Hybrid Limited Collectors Edition
Fourth Dimension None
sa rat None
What Lies Beneath None
Guugley None
J_friendship None
serpent None
halomaniac None
Arcanium None
Dance Floor Killah My Baby.
Supernouva None
Tom None