Gears of War Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
lieutenant88pl Aug 13, 2013 None
EliteRacing343 Jan 1, 2012 None
The Big T Jun 1, 2010 None
Sharditall Jan 1, 2009 None
DwaynePheonix Aug 24, 2008 None
Master of the VG Aug 8, 2008 Beat on all Difficulty levels. 580/1250
Spectre Jul 14, 2008 One of the greatest games ever. Intense.
Gotenks Jun 1, 2008 None
Andy May 1, 2008 - Completed on Hardcore Difficulty
Anubis Jan 1, 2008 Good fun. I never get tired of chainsaw kills.
Da Ork Jan 1, 2008 None
kobora14 Jan 1, 2008 None
2sexy4u69 Nov 13, 2007 None
trendyskaman Jul 30, 2007 Insane. 2/3 of Cog Tags.
Kiki John Jun 15, 2007 None
HBK619 Jun 1, 2007 Some fun and exciting battles, well crafted levels, poor storylines and dialog, pathetic boss battles, multiplayer provides hundreds of hours of additional fun. Excellent game for seamless co-op.
hec51 Jun 1, 2007 None
josh5678 Jun 1, 2007 None
KurtisTrent May 20, 2007 None
hawksa May 20, 2007 beat it on casual
Marcus Phenix Apr 9, 2007 this game was great. had to complete it on multi player though :P
Mystic Apr 2, 2007 None
Redemption Mar 23, 2007 Finished in split-screen co-op mode in Hardcore mode. Hoping to finish it in Insane mode.
EricF Feb 9, 2007 None
Solid Shadow Feb 5, 2007 Prison Breakout Zen And Art Part 2 Zen And Art Of Reloading Completed Act 1 on Insane Completed Act 2 on Insane Completed Act 3 on Insane Completed Act 4 on Insane Completed Act 5 on Insane Completed Act 1 on Hardcore Completed Act 2 on Hardcore Completed Act 3 on Hardcore Completed Act 4 on Hardcore Completed Act 5 on Hardcore Completed Act 1 on Casual Completed Act 2 on Casual Completed Act 3 on Casual Completed Act 4 on Casual Completed Act 5 on Casual Time To Remember Honor-Bound Mercenary Dom-curious Domination My Love For You Is Like A Truck Broken Fingers A Dish Best Served Cold Commando Soldier I Can't Quit You Dom Clusterluck For The Fallen
bluehell Jan 31, 2007 I killed the corpser in under 45 seconds, i have video proof. i think im on about 300 gamer score at the moment until i get my xbox live sorted
Incidnia Jan 25, 2007 Completed Campaign on Insane 1100/1250
Circut GX Jan 25, 2007 None
Mastix Jan 23, 2007 None
DJ Jan 16, 2007 None
greenleech133 Jan 15, 2007 None
Jacknife Jan 12, 2007 I got all the achievements for beating it on easy and medium... Still have yet to get with a friend and beat it on Insane...
person226 Jan 5, 2007 I dont know cause i havnt looked lately.
Cuzit Jan 2, 2007 All of them almost except for the "Kill 100 People In A Ranked Match With...." ones.
Adamska Jan 1, 2007 Done all the Single player and Co Op ones. Leaves me with the Multiplayer achievements.
MattchuLB Jan 1, 2007 None
Capitan Gringo Jan 1, 2007 Completed on Casual and Hardcore. Have about half of the acheivements, maybe more.
MasterChiefX Jan 1, 2007 it was a good game. definetly a buy.
Holy Cloud Jan 1, 2007 I beat the game and was two thirds finished on insane when my Xbox scratched the disc, froze the game, and corrupted the data.
palace6543339 Jan 1, 2007 None
Hooded Weirdo Dec 29, 2006 None
Latte0 Dec 29, 2006 Keep in mind this was on casual, hardcore and insane. Plus Co-op on same difficulties, with my friend.
riku24 Dec 27, 2006 online in gears of wars i was #102 in the world.But the story was a bit to easy i depend on the second gears to be much better storyline
Maxwell Atoms Dec 27, 2006 None
Mepisto22 Dec 26, 2006 no replay value after insane diffculty but bad ass game of live
martinwalker8 Dec 18, 2006 Completed it in all but Insane mode, all 30 COG tags collected. Fantastic game, even though it's short, it makes up for it in toughness.
Lolopop Dec 12, 2006 I cant remember what Achievements I got... I got a lot though...
Xeros the Slayer Dec 6, 2006 Dam this game was tough.
Big Willie Dec 1, 2006 I've beaten the campaign once on casual, so far.
balmung the skydemon Dec 1, 2006 Beaten on caual and hardcore. Working on Insane.