Cocoon, a floating utopia. Inhabited by humans, and their god-like protectors, the fal'Cie. All is at peace until a hostile fal'Cie is discovered outside the town of Bodhum. The awakened fal'Cie was from Pulse, the world below thought to be a deathtrap. fal'Cie have the power to curse humans into branded servants who possess the power of magic called l'Cie. These l'Cie are given a Focus, a task to complete, and upon completion, are turned into cystals and live forever, otherwise, they turn into something even worse than death, mindless creatures known as Cie'th. After 13 days of fates intertwine, new l'Cie are chosen. With only a vague glimpse of their Focus, and a promise to save the world from the destruction to come, they set out in hopes of changing their destiny.


  • A great story
  • A new "Paradigm" and "Crystarium" system for combat and leveling up
  • The excellent music known to the Final Fantasy series
  • Delivers seamless transitions between real-time gameplay and stunning in-game cinematics
  • Stunning environments
  • Command Synergy Battles - Real-time battles featuring an ATB gauge for attacks


For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

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Official International Site
Official Site (JP)
Official Xbox 360 Site (JP)
Official Site (NA)
RhoikosXVIII and 1081 others own Final Fantasy XIII
RhoikosXVIII and 49 others played Final Fantasy XIII
loved it as i have since the very first. the first rpg born an still standing strong. the ff franchise is truely an amazing team. mad props! FinalFantasyXIII X360

Square Enix has said Final Fantasy 13's development team is set to unveil a "new direction" for the Lightning... posted Aug 22, 12 7:02am

Square Enix will make announcements based on Final Fantasy XIII during September. A three day event to... posted Jul 20, 12 6:49am

this game is awesome! its a great and unique game with dynamic gameplay and a great story! 8.8/10 FinalFantasyXIII X360
Quite simply the most beautiful-looking, jaw-droppingly diffucult RPG on PS3, to not own it should be a crime FinalFantasyXIII X360
this game is awesome! its a great and unique game with dynamic gameplay and a great story! 9/10 FinalFantasyXIII X360

With Final Fantasy XIII-2's release getting closer and closer, some fans might be worried about being left in the... posted Nov 11, 11 2:17pm

Completed it at long, long, long last. FinalFantasyXIII X360
What in the world did they do to Final Fantasy!??? FinalFantasyXIII X360
Whey, finally completed Final Fantasy after 54hrs and 25mins. Beat the final bosses in my first go. Got 17/36 trophies in my 1st go. FinalFantasyXIII X360
Incredible story, breathtaking visuals, beautiful soundtrack, intuitive battle system, a pure gem of a game- 10/10 FinalFantasyXIII X360
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