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Some say Jack Carver settled in Micronesia because he was running away from his past. Even though a dishonourable discharge and a price on your head does make earning an honest living pretty tricky, "obstacle" was not a word in Jack's vocabulary.

It took several years and fair few boat trips, but eventually Jack developed a taste for the simple life. Maybe this is why he didn't smell the trouble when Val Cortez appeared on the dock with cameras and swimsuit and a day-pack full of cash. And the smell became no stronger when she asked him for a ride to the Jacutan islands, a remote archipelago that is not known as a local picnic destination.

Jack's boat and livelihood are now but a charred pile of toothpicks. To cap it all, his client has disappeared and no matter where he goes there are psychopaths in fatigues intent on shooting at him, blowing him up or running him over. Jack has this uncanny feeling that he is cornered in a merciless yet beautiful tropical jungle and that violent death is just a coconut away.

Jack's choice is this: Either embrace the wilderness and make its brutality his own. Or marvel at the beauty and face extinction up the barrel of a mercenary gun.


Only with skill, instincts, and ingenuity can you conquer the enemy and make it out alive.
In the open-ended tropical environment, discover the many ways to kill. Set and unleash brutal jungle traps. Score stealth kills amidst the foliage. Snipe from great distances. Steal the enemy's weapons and launch brutal counter-assaults from land, sea, and air. Possibilities range from hand-to-hand strikes to rocket salvos. To conquer the mercenaries' Full Action Response A.I., you must develop skills you never thought you had.


  • Open season in a 100% open environment: Do whatever it takes to exterminate the mercenaries by adapting to the environment. Take cover in the undergrowth, set traps, and kill by stealth. Fight from a distance using gun-mounted vehicles. Battle at close quarters in the forests of the island.
    Plunder an arsenal of responsive weapons and vehicles. Turn the mercenaries' stockpile into the instruments of their own destruction.
  • Unleash your predator skills: Survive the inhospitable wilderness by unveiling your true nature. Develop your vision abilities, track the enemies' scent, and become faster and stronger.
  • Create your own shooter's paradise: The battle continues with five multiplayer modes (including the unique Predator mode) and a powerful level editor. Build custom maps in real time, upload them via Xbox Live®, and stage ultimate Deathmatches against your friends.
  • F.A.R. AI: Outsmart the mercenaries' complex Full Action Response A.I. Snipers, stalkers, scouts, and grenadiers react to your tactics with coordinated strikes from all angles, distances, and terrains.

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  • Genre: Action Shooter
  • Perspective(s): First Person
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Released
    North AmericaMar 28, 2006
    EuropeMar 31, 2006
  • Player Info:
  • Offline Multi-player (4)
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