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The Fantastic Four return with this third-person action video game featuring Marvel Comics' legendary super-powered foursome. The game is based on both the comic book series as well as Twentieth Century Fox/Marvel Entertainment's movie sequel.


  • Fantastic superpowers: Take on the role of any member of the Fantastic Four team and switch characters at any time. Each member has unique special abilities that will help the team get through different situations.
  • The power of teamwork: Battle in 4-player co-op mode and combine the superpowers of the Fantastic Four for devastating team attacks with the new Fusion Attack System.
  • Mass destruction: Smash, destroy and wreak havoc in the game's completely destructible environments.
  • Cool extras: There are loads of unlockables including alternate Fantastic Four costumes, historical comic covers, concept art and more!

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Scarlet Gamer
Aug 20, 09 8:57pm
Really fun. Fantastic4RiseOfTheSilverSurfer PS2
Aug 02, 09 3:52am
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Jul 12, 09 4:17pm
Still in its packaging. Fantastic4RiseOfTheSilverSurfer PS2
Jan 23, 09 10:09am
i liked it because i can play it with the another player...^^ Fantastic4RiseOfTheSilverSurfer PS2
Jul 16, 07 4:11pm
Jul 09, 07 5:43pm
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May 25, 07 2:24pm
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