Fable II Own / Want List

Username Comments
Miragedres None
Redemption None
sammee None
lyokoknight None
Aethelia None
Kexul None
TheMIBJC69 None
THOMPSONJ PKR 9/10 just love it :P still not as good as the orginals
Cruxis Mana None
Machewman None
jacob0057 None
The wolf nmd Alex Been waiting for it 4 ever!!! *****
Livewire_19 Awesome game, One of the best RPGs ever, and it works great now that all the glitches are fixed.
Arcanium None
theblackmarvel None
Phatty None
Shana None
Dante_101 Nice facelift!
Super Saiyan Goku None
BrodieMan None
Mystic None
Super_Cholo None
Lightice None
Ultima Flare None
Big_Jack Has it's flaws but is leagues ahead of it's predecessor and good for multiple play throughs.
rellek too much like the first
Delslayer None
tommex None
Shadow of Death None
Daisy None
Jak66 Amazing!
tyman2 None
JacksonDavis None
Ssenkrad None
DJ None
bhh12345 None
Menimitz Downloaded Both DLC add-ons.
chimhazard001 None
Ever Faith None
Nanosaur None
Fourth Dimension None
sailorminimoon_15 None
Sindrak None
Toonami None
bk imperialdramon pm None
Woodentop GTA in the middle ages! Very good game.
BlueMagicianDuelist None
Intoxication None
ezkar34 None
BlazinFaze None