Escape Dead Island is a third-person action spinoff title of the Dead Island series where players take on the role of Cliff Calo. The art style to the game is much like a comic book cell-shaded style. The game is published by Deep Silver and developed by Fatshark - a swedish developer best known for their work on Bionic Commando Rearmed 2. Cliff travels to the island of Narapela on Banoi after the events that took place in the original Dead Island in order to learn and document the truth behind the zombie outbreak. Cliff starts out with no weapons and players must use stealth to take down enemies but Cliff will have access to a variety of weapons on the island as he explores it more.

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What Escape Dead Island is only becomes more clear today with the release of a new trailer... posted Aug 27, 14 3:09pm

This autumn, Escape Dead Island will mark another chapter in the ongoing Dead Island series,... posted Jul 27, 14 3:20am

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When Dead Island was released, I doubt anyone expected the progeny that would come from it. Yet... posted Jul 01, 14 12:22pm

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