The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
kingemocut Jun 19, 2012 None
Orban Sirgen Sep 18, 2010 None
Da Ork May 15, 2010 None
hec51 Jan 1, 2010 None
Renegade Spartan 911 Nov 12, 2009 All Achievements.
Romanaxle Oct 4, 2009 None
Livewire_19 Apr 1, 2009 All Achievements.
demonhearts Jan 1, 2009 None
JacksonDavis Jun 19, 2008 None
Shurtugal9 Jan 1, 2008 None
Jak66 Nov 27, 2007 None
Andy Oct 1, 2007 - Main Quest Completed
Fallen_soldier Sep 20, 2007 1000 gp. all faction/side/main quests. max stats and abilities.
kitkat0509 May 13, 2007 None
Jacknife May 12, 2007 Umm... I got all the guilds, collected full Daedric armor... And killed lots and lots of innocent people.
Aki May 1, 2007 None
Mepisto22 May 1, 2007 simply amazing
Ninja Agent47 Apr 10, 2007 I got all achievements for oblivion on the 360, 1000 gamerpoints but sadly It was when I lost my main profile and created a secondary one that has no xbox live. But it feels great to complete the main quest and game.
Moopey Mar 1, 2007 Have gotten all achievements and beaten all guilds. One achievement is not able to be reached due to a glitch but have beaten it on my friends games.
Devils Destroyer Mar 1, 2007 i got all 1000 gamerpoint scores. this game rocks. Everything about it is fun.
Daedric Prince Feb 2, 2007 None
Marcus Phenix Jan 31, 2007 i got all of them!!!! lol :P
Lanithro Jan 1, 2007 Got all of the achievements, and still playing to this very day. Undoubtedly the best game I have ever played for any console.
BluePhoenix Jan 1, 2007 all achievements except shivering isles
Angry Taru Jan 1, 2007 None
The Dude123 Jan 1, 2007 None
Pritstick Jan 1, 2007 I completed most of the side quests, all of the guild quests and the main quest. AWESOME GAME!!!!!
HeroOfKavatch Jan 1, 2007 All Acheivments
donkeypuncher33 Jan 1, 2007 love this game. downloaded shivering isles too
TurMoiL911 Jul 20, 2006 None
zhaoyun770 Jul 1, 2006 Acheivement points:1250.. Key features: Head of all guilds, Level 30+ character.
RhasiirTheArcher Jun 1, 2006 None shall beat me, for I am... Rhasiir.
sa rat Apr 11, 2006 None
Excalibur Apr 1, 2006 Completed necessary requirements for Achievements
Fourth Dimension Apr 1, 2006 All achievements.
The Link Master Mar 1, 2006 To many to type...
Underground2012 Jan 1, 2006 None
Link 20 Jun 23, 2005 All achievements except the 2nd to last rank in fighter's guild
Arcanium No completion date None
Vendetta No completion date None
Erk The Mage No completion date None
timmy789 No completion date None
nasty nappa No completion date None
Zhan Dathka No completion date Completed main quest, and all faction quests. got 1000 gamerpoints and I'm still searching for some abstract quests just to have a little fun killing stuff! :D
maisey No completion date i got almost every thing. so tiring after a while. Akatosh rocks!!!
Michaeldsuarez No completion date *Achieved all 50 Xbox 360 achievements. *Become leader of every playable faction. *Completed every quest/mission.
Turkagent No completion date None
Dante_101 No completion date None
Super Saiyan Goku No completion date None
Lightice No completion date None