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Taking place in the fictional city of New Detroit, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is a completely new game developed by Vicious Cycle that takes on the concept of Earth Defense Force 2017 (Japanese Title Earth Defense Force 3 developed by SANDLOT). Insect Armageddon continues to follow the rich history of casual fun and addictive gameplay that made the franchise a cult classic. Insect Armageddon also adds a new aspect to the Earth Defense Force series that was born in Japan, with additional elements for all EDF soldiers to experience. The Campaign mode that lets up to three players team up online to battle the insects and aliens across a completely destroyable city. Every EDF soldier is armed with over 150 weapons and four upgradeable armor sets and engages in nonstop arcade action that is the fastest and deadliest in the series. In addition, the game also features a six-player Survival mode that pits a human squad against a nonstop onslaught of the largest enemies the aliens have to offer. New Detroit’s giant bug problem is unavoidable, and mankind’s last hope lies with the Earth Defense Force to defend the world from the insect swarm, even if it means blowing up the entire city as part of the extermination process.

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