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Average Review Score: 7.9/10

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Dragon's Dogma Reviews

website score publish date article quality
GamingExcellence 8.5/10 Jun 22 '12
Neoseeker 7 / 10 May 24 '12
Computer and Video Games 8.5/10 May 18 '12
Games Radar /10 May 21 '12
GameSpot 8.0/10 May 30 '12
GameSpot 8.0/10 May 30 '12
Strategy Informer 8.0/10 Dec 31 '69
Worthplaying 7.5/10 May 26 '12
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Dragon's Dogma Previews

website publish date article rating
IGN 360 Aug 19 '11
Computer and Video Games Jun 19 '11
Computer and Video Games Apr 17 '12
Destructoid Apr 12 '11
Games Radar Apr 12 '11
Games Radar Feb 16 '12
GameSpot Apr 12 '11
GameSpot Oct 31 '11
GameSpot Oct 31 '11
GameSpot Aug 22 '11
GameSpot Sep 16 '11
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Quoted from Dragon's Dogma Reviews:
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"Capcom's not known for its open-world games. In fact, while popular with Western developers, the Japanese have tended to shy away from vast, explorable open-world adventures. In 2012, that change..."
" Without a doubt, Capcom knows how to craft a great linear experience. Hits like Devil May Cry and Resident Evil place you on a collision course with inescapable enemies and inevitable plot points, rarely allowing you to deviate from their well-structured (but predetermined) paths. With Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom hopes to repeat the same fervor and atmosphere those games are known for, but in an open-world medieval landscape bustling with side quests and, most importantly, titanic mythological monsters... ..."
"Dragon's Dogma combines the rough and tumble combat of actions games like Devil May Cry with a high-fantasy RPG setting and a unique online-centric approach to your party members. Read our review to find out if all those moving parts flow together nicely..."
"Capcom has revealed its next original project: a fantasy action game set in a vast open world. "
"Engrossing and frustrating, Dragon's Dogma is a flawed and unique gem. "