Dragon Age: Origins is the highly anticipated dark fantasy Role Playing Game. With stunning visuals, emotionally driven narrative, heart pounding combat, powerful magic abilities and will features a dark and mature story and gameplay.

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Before Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out in November, EA and BioWare are giving RPG lovers a... posted Oct 08, 14 3:38pm

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Oct 08, 14 1:03pm
Limited time to download the full game for free, pick it up if you haven't played it yet DragonAgeOrigins PC

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Sep 19, 14 4:09pm
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For some unknown reason, BioWare has decided to give away a boatload of free DLC for the exquisite Dragon Age:... posted Dec 07, 12 7:58am

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Dec 05, 12 2:38pm
hi DragonAgeOrigins PS3
Mar 19, 12 9:48am
Nov 20, 11 4:33pm
An epic. This took the midevil fantasy genre and gave it bioware's personal twist. Excellent. DragonAgeOrigins PC
Sep 24, 11 3:15am
Sep 24, 11 3:15am

BioWare hasn't been keeping quiet in the face of Dragon Age II criticism, and the studio's explanations have been... posted Aug 30, 11 3:43pm

Aug 20, 11 10:18am
Found it hard to get into for some reason. I'm not that fond of the combat. Great story, though not near finished yet. DragonAgeOrigins PC
Mouldy Cheese
Jul 07, 11 8:05am
Favourite game of the moment. Love it and thoroughly recommend! DragonAgeOrigins PC
Apr 24, 11 3:47pm
At Fort Draken, with my final party. DragonAgeOrigins PC
Oct 28, 10 2:31pm
Clearing abominations from the circle of magi as my human noble rogue DragonAgeOrigins PC
Oct 14, 10 9:45am
best pc game ever DragonAgeOrigins PS3

If you've not yet gotten in on the excellence that is BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins, October 26 will be a better... posted Sep 30, 10 5:59pm

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4/5 DragonAgeOrigins PS3
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