Dragon Age II will be filled with more action, a new, more responsive combat system and a dynamic story. The game traces the rise to power of Hawke, a survivor of the Blight and a hero who will transform the face of the Dragon Age universe forever.

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BioWare knows quite well how popular the men of Mass Effect and Dragon Age are. And who could... posted Apr 01, 14 4:11pm

For some unknown reason, BioWare has decided to give away a boatload of free DLC for the exquisite Dragon Age:... posted Dec 07, 12 7:58am

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Any Dragon Age fan can explain what an Exalted March is about, but not quite so many people have heard about the... posted Mar 20, 12 12:19pm

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This game improved on some of the elements of the first game. The first is still better in my opinion. Still an excellent game. DragonAge2 PC

BioWare began teasing the Dragon Age community recently, and not surprisingly, all that teasing has led up to the... posted Sep 16, 11 1:32pm

BioWare hasn't been keeping quiet in the face of Dragon Age II criticism, and the studio's explanations have been... posted Aug 30, 11 3:43pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=365] When gamers get burned, they also get vocal.  While Dragon Age II has... posted Jul 20, 11 5:07pm

Looks like Dragon Age II will be getting its first major content add-on earlier than we expected.  The "Legacy"... posted Jul 07, 11 2:06pm

Couple weeks ago BioWare acknowledged the heavy criticism against Dragon Age II and its somewhat radical changes,... posted Jun 14, 11 9:21am

Jun 07, 11 1:26pm
Its fun but i never play it anymore DragonAge2 PC

A recent post on the BioWare Social Network brings word of the latest Dragon Age II patch that should make plenty... posted May 31, 11 4:24pm

Dragon Age II has been quite a controversial game, pitting BioWare fans of all kinds against each other and... posted May 31, 11 3:43pm

As one of the largest publishers in the gaming industry, the financial health of Electronic Arts is often used as... posted May 04, 11 5:39pm

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