Dark Souls II is a third-person action adventure title designed around challenging dungeons filled with deadly enemies and traps typically capable of making short work of unwary players. Like the first title released in 2011, Dark Souls II is regarded as a spiritual successor to From Software's Demon's Souls complete with character creation where players can customize their appearance and choose from one of eight starting classes.

Defeating enemies roaming the various areas of Drangleic will yield souls that players can use to upgrade various character attributes. These attributes factor into the weapon upgrade system, where different upgrade trees favor different sets of attributes. The player has the freedom to decide how to allocate their upgrades based on the weapons and/or the play style they wish to use.

Combat is conducted in real time, where players can attack with equipped weapons and spells while dodging, blocking or countering deadly attacks. Mastering enemy and boss encounters will require skillful leveraging of all these abilities!

Players can also tap into the online multiplayer component integrated into the levels of Dark Souls II themselves for co-operative or competitive play. PvP is further enhanced by "invasions" led by players into other players' games. In Dark Souls II, invading players can even disguise themselves as parts of the environment for additional challenge.

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Jun 23, 15 12:18am
Looking for someone to play with user name is my gamer tag on PS3 ad me DarkSouls2 PS3

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Opening chest, see teeth, begin screaming... :/ DarkSouls2 PC

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