The classic version of Centipede challenges gamers to defend their villages against an onslaught of centipedes, spiders, army ants and more. Xbox LIVE Arcade gamers also have access to an evolved version which features pre-rendered, high definition graphics, special effects like motion blur, trails and particle-based explosions that make this classic as enjoyable today as it was in the arcade decades ago.

In Millipede, the primary challenge is to obliterate chains of arthropods that creep down from the top of the screen. Scattered mushrooms are the gamers' main tool to shoot, destroy and redirect the menacing millipedes. Millipede also offers up Xbox LIVE Arcade gamers an evolved version of this coin-op classic.


  • Hi-def experience: The game includes support for 4:3 and 16:9 aspects rations, including HDTV.

  • Graphic upgrade: Start playing with full-screen anti-aliasing and Dolby Digital surround sound.

  • Xbox 360 extras: See the top scores on the Xbox LIVE Leaderboards and score 12 achievements.

  • Arcade download: You can download the game onto your Memory Unit and take your game with you.

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