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The Castlevania franchise is "reborn" with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on PS3 and Xobx 360, developed by Mecury Steam in association with Kojima Productions.

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I'm not a big fan of game reissues, which typically package in overly expensive DLC are barely... posted Oct 09, 13 3:22pm

Konami really didn't expect Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to sell as well as it did, and with the unexpected... posted Jun 28, 12 4:46pm

nasty nappa
Jan 23, 12 2:29am
castlevania returns and this game is a very good game with great gameplay CastlevaniaLordsOfShadow X360
Mar 24, 11 2:17am

Here's a game that's quite controversial in certain gaming circles... Castlevania:...

Internal struggles are the trademark of nearly every hero these days.  Gabriel Belmont has no shortage of those,... posted Mar 16, 11 2:24pm

This past December, Konami announced two Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC slated for February (this month) and... posted Feb 17, 11 11:37pm

Things were left pretty open at the end of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow so it's inevitable that Gabriel Belmont... posted Dec 23, 10 12:34am

Nov 04, 10 8:11pm

The Lords of Shadow will be a mystery no longer to Castlevania fans looking forward to trying their hand at... posted Oct 05, 10 5:32pm

Some people can find beauty in anything, and we're told throughout grade school that true beauty is found... posted Sep 17, 10 11:14pm

[image2 width=650 height=200] With the 2010 Tokyo Game Show approaching in a few weeks, Japanese game... posted Sep 01, 10 6:05am

Konami at last confirms that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, the latest action adventure installment in the... posted Aug 19, 10 6:52pm

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Some of us just have this thing for Collector's Editions, so when Amazon.com  posted the Castlevania: Lords of... posted Aug 11, 10 10:46pm

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Gabriel is a man on a mission, and that mission likely involves avenging his wife's death.  I mean, that's what... posted Apr 12, 10 10:45pm

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