Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
EliteRacing343 Jul 1, 2012 None
Sleepy Head Nov 20, 2011 None
Da Ork Apr 27, 2011 None
dummy29 Oct 9, 2009 None
Killerdog Aug 20, 2009 some but not all
MrRandomletters Jul 1, 2009 None
PokemonDiamondMaster Jan 2, 2009 four headshots Four of a kind
Distortion Dec 1, 2008 None
Gotenks Sep 1, 2008 None
sailorminimoon_15 Jul 12, 2008 None
OmegaFury Jul 1, 2008 None
DwaynePheonix May 20, 2008 None
Rascal Lover May 10, 2008 None
chaos Feb 1, 2008 I first played this on Normal difficulty, and it didn't take me very long to beat the campaign; I beat the campaign the same day I got the game.
KurtisTrent Jan 17, 2008 None
big bully Jan 13, 2008 None
1831 Jan 5, 2008 None
trendyskaman Jan 1, 2008 Completed on Hardened...working on Veteran...Level 3 Prestige
ryuk_08 Jan 1, 2008 26 intel pieces,
Shurtugal9 Jan 1, 2008 None
Longhorn Fan Dec 29, 2007 None
EricF Dec 27, 2007 None
HBK619 Dec 1, 2007 Just the campaign of this game is better than other FPS campaigns and multiplayer portions put together, but COD4 sports an excellently directed and challenging campaign, with replayability due to incredible scenery variation. The multi-player of this game is worth the purchase price of another game in itself. Although a short campaign, a very memorable campaign too, especially on Veteran difficulty, which separates the men from the soldiers. Mile High Club on Veteran also completed after many hours of frustration. Level 55 reached in online, not going to bother with Prestige mode for the simple fact it's pointless, and no rewards/benefits are derived from doing it.
non existent Nov 25, 2007 37/37 Achievements 1000/1000 G
Andy Nov 19, 2007 - Campaign Mode complete on Regular
TheFuzz Nov 15, 2007 beat it on hardened
Solid Shadow Nov 11, 2007 not enough room so simply i have all them
Incidnia Nov 11, 2007 Completed on Hardened Mode Completed on Veteran Mode 1000/1000 gamerscore
Jak66 Nov 8, 2007 None
SS4Gogeta Nov 5, 2007 None
Link 20 Oct 15, 2007 Almost all achievements, working on finishing on vet.
Sonic Chao No completion date - Campaign Mode complete on Regular
halomaniac No completion date None
Arcanium No completion date None
Oogity_Boogity_Boo No completion date None
Crave No completion date None
palace6543339 No completion date None
Super Saiyan Goku No completion date None
I_AM_BATMAN_01 No completion date None
Big_Jack No completion date None
tommex No completion date None
The Rock Hater03 No completion date None
redhotbaconcheese No completion date None
Menimitz No completion date None
BadassNinja No completion date None
EDMX No completion date None
TurMoiL911 No completion date None
smithswood No completion date None
sashtw No completion date None
Alucard99 No completion date None