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Jimmy Hopkins is back and badder than ever in the long awaited Bully: Scholarship Edition. With more teenagers to mock, girls to hit on, teachers to peeve off, classes to ditch, nerds to bully, jocks to avoid, prefects to bust you, and a bunch of other cool stuff, the second installment to the Bully series is bound to sweep you off your feet. There are also other features such as awards, achievements, unlockables, and new missions in this fresh attempt to simulate adolescent life in a hell hole.


  • 4 New Classes: Geography, Math, Biology and Music
  • New Unlockable Items and Clothing
  • Two Off-line Multiplayer Minigames
  • 8 New Mission Awards
  • Next Generation Graphics
  • Xbox 360 Achievements

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Sliding down stair rails. Bunny-hopping over cars. Attending (and bunking) class....

a successful report of a PS2 classic 7/10 BullyScholarshipEdition Wii
a great game made even more great BullyScholarshipEdition Wii
its grand theft auto for kids, sort of... BullyScholarshipEdition Wii
Got bored in 30 minutes...time runs to fast in-game BullyScholarshipEdition Wii
just as good as the first 1, but better!!! BullyScholarshipEdition Wii
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