Borderlands Own / Want List

Username Comments
edward_adama None
theblackmarvel None
Super Saiyan Goku None
Mystic None
Celestial_Sunfire None
Big_Jack Not bad but the ending is dog tods.
chaos None
smithswood None
Sindrak None
Storm None
maddoger None
Gryzor None
the pain lane None
Star of Spurs None
BamDan None
Mon100 None
Dragon Warrior1 None
TKDJohnofVG None
Unrivaled None
Lightning148 None
crackheadtrent None
George2 None
tri_edge_kite5 None
master keaton None
wolfewaskilled None
jdrole None
Craftyboy None
Flamedragon None
XboxOZ360 None
Ryuzaki _L None
MystkMat None
THOMPSONJ PKR 8/10 billions of guns! great fun with another player, sometimes the mass spawning of enemies can get annoying :@ and the storyplot is shit
shdwdrgn None
Asthenia None
andrei0635 None
thejeffattack None
g4m37r0n None
Rainydayz None
Darkri7 None
Raddster None
Good Sir D None
Boardies None
ELLocoJok3r None
Dark Ly Wolf7 None
Hobbfather None
Justin None
Daxter101 None
Agent Pancakes None
deadriclady kristy None
VPF None