Think this is just another dual stick arcade shooter?

Think Again!

In Beat Hazard, you take your collection of music and turn it into stages that reflects the music being played. A game that changes along with the music!

Game Play

The game is simple to play, only 3 inputs are necessary to control the ship (Movement, Gun, and bomb), but don't let that fool you into thinking it's lacking immersion.

The 'levels' in this game are music tracks on your hard drive. You can either play one of the 10 tracks included with the game, or a song on your hard drive. The levels change along with the music. The more energetic and heavy the song gets, the more crazy the action becomes!

There are 4 Pickups:
  • Multiplier - A pickup which allow you to increase your score faster
  • Powerup - A Pickup which boosts the power of your weapon.
  • Volume Up - A pickup which increases the volume of the music, which boosts your ships power and the visuals on the screen.
  • Superbomb - A pickup which adds an extra superbomb for you to obliterate nearby enemies with!


Main Features:
  • Virtually Endless selection of levels limited only by your music collection
  • Ranks - As you go up in the ranks, you earn bonuses like a multiplier boost when you start
  • Brilliant Visuals to stimulate your senses!

Editor's Note:

Shadowrage is this version's developer. Removed the 'hardware' as that only applies to PC version. Removed other PC version references too.

Added on: April 16, 2010

Beat Hazard Ultra, a shoot-em-up fueled by music, is one of the more unique titles around, and by no coincidence,... posted Jan 02, 12 9:17am

Oct 14, 11 8:10am
Just reached 13,694,894,080 points. Rank 47 for total score . Also, rank 74 on songs 5-6 minutes long. BeatHazard PC

PC and 360 players have been enjoying the Beat Hazard for years now; soon PS3 players will be able to get in on... posted Sep 19, 11 8:45am

Sep 16, 11 10:51am
Just reached 7,900,000,000 points. Rank 98 on the leaderboards for total score . Played the same song repeatedly to grind points lol. BeatHazard PC
Sep 06, 11 2:14pm
Just reached 5,000,000,000 points . Rank 180 on the leaderboards for total score. BeatHazard PC
Sep 03, 11 11:26am
Elite 398 with 4,009,112,064 points. Also I'm now Rank 15 on the Boss Rush leaderboards with 113,281,504 points at Wave 48. BeatHazard PC
Sep 01, 11 8:26am
Rank Elite 348 with 3,504,038,400! Also now rank 74 on the Boss Rush leaderboards with 80,282,096 points at Wave 36. BeatHazard PC
Aug 31, 11 2:23pm
Rank 298 with 3,000,974,080 points! BeatHazard PC
Aug 31, 11 9:35am
Reached rank Elite 270. At time of update, I had 2,726,248,192 points. BeatHazard PC
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