Battlefield: Bad Company Own / Want List

Username Comments
ELiTEpkX None
Shurtugal9 None
Gotenks None
Spectre None
non existent None
GRAW2596 None
Super Saiyan Goku None
Mystic None
Lone Wolf nWo None
Jak66 Amazing!
kiwisurf2 None
bhh12345 None
jespomo None
Incidnia None
Fourth Dimension None
sailorminimoon_15 None
Fury None
sashtw None
Celes Leonhart My favourite 360 multiplayer experience so far
BamDan None
Fertro None
D_O_G87 None
silenceanddarkness None
ginxcs None
George2 None
InnerDemon None
calvin1100 None
bubthemighty None
Hobolow Love the freedom in this game, great environments. AWESOME!!!!
unreal1298 None
psa2140 None
ReaperTheThird None
badmanedge None
chaotic I wasn't nearly as impressed with this one as I was with Modern Combat, but still a good game nonetheless. This game was hilarious, though.
Hitman Squirrel None
harley o None
XboxOZ360 None
SilentHunter162 None
bonfire94 None
austin yo None
master coven None
Piperman None
thejeffattack None
betabsa None
fcag None
gow91coletrain None
UdaiTongpuTaxim None
xrolla06 None