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Warfare-wage all-out war with the most extensive range of vehicles and weaponry ever assembled.


  • An all-new story-driven single-player mode drops players deep into an action-packed war obscured by government sponsored propaganda, forcing you to choose sides and decide the outcome.
  • Engage in online multiplayer action for up to 24 players on more than a dozen maps.
  • The revolutionary new HotSwap feature in single player mode gives you instant tactical control. Pull every trigger on the battlefield to lead your army to victory.
  • Clan support, VOIP, and a deep stat-tracking system help round out one of the deepest online console shooters to date.
  • Take control of more than 30 land, sea, and air vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, and amphibious craft, and master more than 50 state-of-the-art weapons.
  • Put on the uniform of one of four armies, each with their own unique arsenals and soldier classes including Sniper, Special Ops, Combat Engineer, and more.
  • Complete each unit's unique Battlefield Moment to earn Battlefield Points and unlock rewards, including upgrades and promotions.

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