Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Own / Want List

Username Comments
Dragoon None
Shurtugal9 None
theblackmarvel None
Big_Jack Looks like a kids game and if we're honest it is. Still fun for a tool around on though.
Jak66 Best Banjo Yet!
Kokoro None
Minds None
Jyarra None
Oogity_Boogity_Boo None
rocketRD None
AznKed None
jagman4ever None
Livewire_19 None
legend_of_me None
kfq None
pantherdude None
kilomike360 None
natpet24 wicked game to play and build cars on
youthboy 5/5 & beaten
g4m37r0n None
elitedigimon None
haykier None
brodboat857 None
Omida the Great None
Kaitsith None
ellys09 None
Niemo None
thetruegamer78 None
zwhitelion None
Neoz4x None
pokelog444 None
Anonymous Reborn None
killer7151 None
Cheesy62 None
danielvillarreal None
mables None
Lynxx None
pikmin dude None
redsoxxfanp None
Ujean69 None
EnragedWhale None
cobracam77 None
PDZfan15 None
NightFlair None
LukasAngelis None
CJ MasterGraphic None
Rayluxus None
keyboard mouse None
Coey890 None
Gotenks None