In this long awaited sequel the Assault Heroes are called back into action to once again save the planet from a sinister alien race. With a bigger and more powerful arsenal of weapons, players will be fully equipped to take out waves of fierce enemy foes and unbelievable bosses.


  • Enhanced Multiplayer Co-op: Quickly activate improved cooperative weapons to rain destruction on hordes of bazooka soldiers, kamikaze bombers and more
  • Hi-jackable Enemy Units: Steal the attack helicopter, armored tank or mechanical walker from the enemy base for surprise attacks
  • More Powerful Weaponry: Utilize a superior arsenal of weapons including the newly designed sub-zero ice cannon, homing missiles, rocket launcher and upgraded firearms from the original
  • Frantic On-Foot Action: Survive on-foot warfare while equipped with all your weapons in expansive underground areas
  • Monstrous Bosses: Face-off against challenging mechanoid beasts before they destroy you
  • New Diverse and Interactive Environments: Blast through the Snowy Mountains, Rainforest and Outer Space with extensive destructible terrain from burning trees to shattering buildings
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