APB Reloaded is an MMO shooter set in the open-world cityscapes of San Paro where players can choose to side with the Enforcers who uphold law enforcement, or the Criminals who are out to break the law and anyone else in their way. Players are also free to form their own groups under these two factions.

Gameplay revolves around missions triggered by the actions of players from either faction; the game will then attempt to match players of equivalent skill and opposing faction to participate in the mission with monetary rewards awaiting successful completion of goals. While urban battles between the two factions is emphasized, players cannot actually kill others even in the combat districts of San Paro unless they are specifically on missions or possess a high enough Notoriety or Prestige level.

Money can be used by players to customize their own avatars, as well as purchase new clothing, weapons, and vehicles which can also be upgraded. Players can import their own music during gameplay, and the game can also pull tracks from Last.fm.

APB originally launched in 2010 with a subscription based business model, but the game was shut down less than half a year after debut following developer Realtime Worlds entering adminstration. The game eventually relaunched as the free-to-play APB Reloaded in early 2011 after it was purchased by Reloaded Productions.

It was confirmed in early 2015 that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports of APB Reloaded were in development at The Workshop Entertainment with support from Reloaded Productions.

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