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It's exactly what Alan Wake fans want -- more Alan Wake. Alan Wake's American Nightmare is about as close to a sequel as Remedy can provide without calling the game Alan Wake 2. However, due to the nature of Alan Wake's predicament, the game plays like more of a side-story or support chapter to the overall Alan Wake epic. That also means that Remedy was able to really take some liberties with storytelling in American Nightmare.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is the journey of Alan Wake entering the world of the television show Night Springs, which is basically and alternate reality version of The Twilight Zone. Wake will jump from episode to episode attempting to hunt down Mr. Scratch, a dark and twisted version of Alan that will stop at nothing to destroy everything Alan loves.

Mechanically, American Nightmare plays very similarly to the original Alan Wake, thought perhaps with a greater focus on adventure features. Alan has to solve various puzzles to trigger story progression, intermingled with fighting sequences where Alan has to burn away enemies' darkness and then shoot them to death. After complaints in the original that shooting was repetitive and mundane, American Nightmare goes out of its way to add an arcade-like feel to gun-play. That means more weapons, more enemies, and additional objectives to ensure every fight feels unique and fun.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is currently available on PC and Xbox 360. It may very well be the last Alan Wake game released.

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