"Alan Wake" is a psychological action thriller from Remedy, the legendary and renowned developers of highly successful action titles. In this exciting new title exclusively for Windows and Xbox 360, gamers assume the role of Alan Wake, a best-selling suspense author who escapes to a small town to recover from the mysterious disappearance of his fiancée.

Set in the deceptively idyllic town of Bright Falls, Wash., "Alan Wake" immerses players in an intense and expansive cinematic world that enables players to roam freely in hyper-realistic, dynamic and interactive environments. "Alan Wake" is mission-based with a deeply engaging and suspenseful story line unveiling new twists and profound character revelations at every turn. Players will unravel the riveting plot through multilayered character interactions, unique problem-solving and intense combat against terrifying enemies. In this nightmarish world, Alan Wake must use a variety of weapons to survive, including his most powerful ally against the creatures of darkness — light itself.

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Jul 28, 13 5:29am I want to play this game again AlanWake AlanWake X360

Remedy's next game, Quantum Break, was announced at yesterday's Xbox One reveal event. While it's no...

posted May 22, 13 4:08pm

Aug 13, 12 5:31pm

Imagine you had the opportunity to write a novel that turns real, and you're the...

Remedy Entertainment, the developer of the Alan Wake franchise, has confirmed the studio is hiring for "future... posted May 11, 12 10:12am

Solid Snake 4Life
May 05, 12 10:18pm

It seems like it's becoming more and more of a rarity to experience a game that...

In a recent interview, Remedy's head of franchise development, Oskari Häkkinen, declared the original Alan Wake... posted Mar 13, 12 4:33pm

Rumors of an Alan Wake sequel began circulating not long ago by way of LinkedIn, and Remedy Entertainment has... posted May 10, 11 2:08pm

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Alan Wake is one of those games that have professional reviewers going gaga. This...

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Alright, so Alan Wake came out recently, after an almost 6 year wait. I eagerly rented...

Have you caught up with Alan Wake's "The Signal" DLC?  Like any good book, you don't want to skip ahead as "The... posted Aug 09, 10 10:07pm

[image3 link=yes width=250 height=247 float=right] Alan Wake is often attached with the word "innovative,"... posted Jul 07, 10 8:54pm

April 2010 didn't end up being so hot with a double-digit drop in overall industry revenue, and unfortunately the... posted Jul 02, 10 7:50pm

Jun 19, 10 4:15pm

While I had a good time with this game, it didn't hit me in the same way a large...

Those who have completed Alan Wake by now know that the game ends on a rather ambiguous cliffhanger.  "The... posted Jun 03, 10 6:12am

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Remedy Studios are most well known for their Max Payne games. It got a film deal and...

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